We created this website to give individual investors ASSET ALLOCATION guidance. Most investors focus on what stock to buy or sell, with little regard to the most important part of portfolio management: the allocation!

We then went a step further. We optimized it to determine the most desirable time to be in and out of the market and the different asset classes. We also recommend and encourage the use of low cost investments such as ETFs and Index Funds.

It doesn't matter where you invest, the size of your account, or the type of account. This playbook is ready for you!



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For your stock market trading, no need to wonder if your broker is trying to sell you something or hit sales goals
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The market and conditions change daily. So do the model recommendations.
Use on any account
Can be used for 401(k)s, IRAs, taxable accounts, etc.
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Model History

The model developed has been created to discover the optimal times to be in the market and out of the market. The goal is to be invested when the likelihood of success is greatest, and out of the market when conditions are unfavorable.

We give views on stock market trading and asset allocation daily.